1 ozt .45 Silver Bullet

1 oz Silver Bullet Replica .45 Cal


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Product Description

Lock and load these 1 oz Silver Bullet replicas today! They make great gifts too!

Each 1 oz Silver Bullet is composed of .999 fine silver, modeled after the .45 Caliber Automatic Colt Pistol.

Silver Bullets arrive individually bagged.

Be ready for anything with the 1 oz Silver Bullet that will not only prepare you for a stable financial future, but also an unexpected werewolf attack!

The base of the bullet is engraved with 1 oz .999 Ag. It is 30.6 mm (1 7/32 inches) tall and 12.1 mm ( ½ inch) wide, the same size and shape as the Provident Metals copper bullet.

Though this bullet isn’t intended to be fired from a weapon, it could prove an effective defense against a werewolf attack. In folklore, werewolves are immune to ordinary weapons, but vulnerable to silver. Owning this bullet is the perfect precaution. (After all, you can never be too careful!)

Silver bullets make great gifts or conversation starters for anyone interested in gun-rights or collecting high-quality bullion in interesting shapes and designs.

Securely buy a 1 oz Silver Bullets from JCS Gold today, and you’ll be armed for wealth. Load up now.

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