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2020 Silver Eagles have flown in!

2020 American Silver Eagle

The 2020 American Silver Eagle marks the last of the Silver Eagles that may eventually be more broadly recognized as the John Mercanti Heraldic Eagle subtype (1986-2020). The Mercanti Heraldic Eagle subtype debuted with the American Silver Eagle in 1986 and has been left largely unchanged for its 35-year tenure on the coin. With the major facelift coming in 2021, the 2020 American Silver Eagle will hold significance with coin collectors as a last-year coin. Beyond consisting of precious metal, the coin will be of similar importance to collectors as the 1958 Lincoln cent, the 2008 Lincoln Memorial cent, and the 1998 Washington Heraldic Eagle quarter – modern-era coins whose ongoing obverse design types remained essentially the same even after the reverse motifs saw a permanent, more drastic change.

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