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2007 Silver Proof Set


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2007 Silver Proof Set

  • U.S. Mint Silver Proof Coin Set housed in its original plastic holders. Includes all original mint packaging.
  • First year of production for the Presidential Dollar coin program!
  • The Presidential Dollars are kept in their own separate box, being kept together with the other coins in their box with a tidy slip-cover. Each features its own C.O.A.!
  • Features 14 coins in total; a proof example of a 2007 Sacajawea Dollar, Kennedy Half Dollar, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel and Lincoln Cent as well as proof examples of the 5 State Quarters released for the year and the new Presidential Dollar coins!
  • The 5 State Quarters released in 2007 were Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah! Each one of the State Quarters are composed of 90% Silver!
  • The 4 Presidential Dollars released in 2007 were George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison!
  • Mintage of 875,050 sets.
  • Both the Kennedy Half Dollar and Roosevelt Dime in this set are composed of 90% Silver!


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