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90% $100 Silver Half Dollars

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Average circulated $100 face value of 90% Silver Half Dollars!


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$100 face value of 90% Silver U.S.  Half  Dollars

These are pre-1964 silver half dollars in average circulated & cleaned with hairlines. 90% Silver Coins have a very low margin over the melt value making them one of the best silver investments.

Price is per $100  Face Value, and is based on a weight of 0.715 ozt per $1.

This bag contains approximately 71.5 troy oz. of silver via 90% silver coins.

This is a stock photo and will not be the exact bag you receive.

1 review for 90% $100 Silver Half Dollars

  1. jay (verified owner)

    Great mix and investment Great service Thanks Jim,Kara and the sons

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