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90% Silver Coins $1 Face Value (Our Choice)

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Each $1 Face Increment of US Mint 90% Silver Coins contains roughly .715 Troy Ounces of Pure Silver! Orders will either be comprised of 90% Silver Half Dollars, Quarters, Dimes or combination. Combination and design types are at our discretion and lots may contain modern proof silver coins or modern commemoratives.

Prior to 1965, all U.S. coins intended for circulation that were larger than a nickel (i.e., dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars) were composed of 90% pure silver. The high intrinsic value of these coins relative to their face value caused them to quickly leave the marketplace when the cupro-nickel coins arrived. Though not officially designated as bullion coins, these 90% silver coins are, in fact, valued and traded for their bullion content. 90% silver coins are sold in assorted face value bags comprised of either a mix, or solid denomination of Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, and ’64 Kennedy half dollars which offer the investor an affordable, convenient, and easily divisible means of owning silver with a built-in guarantee: no matter what eventually happens to the price of silver, 90% silver coins will always be worth at least their face value. For this reason alone, 90% silver coins are highly appropriate as a hedge against more volatile investments.

13 reviews for 90% Silver Coins $1 Face Value (Our Choice)

  1. Jared (verified owner)

    Ordered $17 face & received all quarters. Had a good mixture of dates. A dollar of it looked uncirculated to me. Coins were in a cool JCS cloth bag, wasn’t expecting that so was a bonus! Happy with purchase & packaging. Have already put in another order for some dimes, can’t wait to get that one!

  2. colcns (verified owner)

    I just purchased $100+ FV from JCSGold and am very satisfied. This was my first purchase. All the coins are avg. cir. and better… junk at all. I will return soon for more.

  3. Christopher

    I have purchased quite a bit of silver coins from JCS since the silver market has been down recently. There has been a good mixture of coins and dates. All of them have been average circulated condition or better. Some of them even look to be in very very good condition. I’ve gotten dimes, quarters, and half dollars and have been pleased with every purchase. Jim has been extremely helpful with me and I have been more than pleased with all of my purchases. As money allows I plan to keep purchasing more. Silver coins are a very good investment and I wouldn’t recommend shopping anywhere else except JCS. Thank you Jim and everyone else who works there. It’s a wonderful family run business and you couldn’t ask for nicer people.

  4. Trent (verified owner)

    Over the past two years I have bought 10’s of $1 face value silver and have been very happy with the coins received. I have received assortment of halves and quarters in good+ to AU condition. The price has been great also! I will continue to buy JCS’s great products!!

  5. Joseph

    I have made several purchases, and everyone at Jefferson Coin has been great to work with. Jim has gone out of his way to accommodate me when I wanted to make additional purchases on the spot. He also doesn’t overpromise – he doesn’t sell what he doesn’t have. My coins are always there when I come to pick them up. And I think his prices fairly reflect the market. I am a very happy customer.

  6. Sean (verified owner)

    Thanks for the coins! All quarters! Ordering for my 3rd time today!

  7. razeit1 (verified owner)

    These silver coins are awesome!! I love dealing with JCS Gold!! They are very fair in their pricing, and good people. I have ordered many times and I am always very happy with their products.
    Thank You JCS!!

  8. Ryan (verified owner)

    When I received my order, I was able to receive all halves. All of them looked great!! Even though the vast majority of the coins were 1964 Kennedy’s, every single Kennedy was in mint state condition. I also received a few franklins and liberties (including a sweet 1918). All the coins were common dates and will go well with my stack. When silver is low, this is the best thing to buy.

  9. kevin (verified owner)


  10. Paul Kuhl (verified owner)

    Just got my fourth order. Always nice coins, always fast service. You might be able to pay a few pennies less, but you won’t be as happy. Great job, guys, and always a little extra something! Thank you; I’ll be ordering again.

  11. Peggy (verified owner)

    I love coins so much and I dont have this so I just want this butiful bag of silver coins

  12. chrismaydrums97

    I bought about $2.30 of this in store a couple of months ago. Wonderful selection, and a couple proof looking dimes! Would buy again every time from here!

  13. rob

    just bought some silver from jcs again and I am impressed as usual!!

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