U.S. Mint 1992 Olympic 2-Piece Coin Set


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U.S. Mint 1992 Olympic 2-Piece Coin Set

1992 US Olympic Two (2) Coin Commemorative Proof Set

The United States Mint certifies these coins have been struck in accordance with the 1992 Olympic Commemorative Coin Act, which was passed by Congress and signed into Public Law 101-406 by President George Bush on October 3, 1990. These coins were produced by the United States Mint to commemorate the games of the 25th Olympiad and to help support the United States Olympic movement. These coins are legal tender of the United States.

Coins in this set include:

* 1992-S US Olympic Silver Dollar Proof
Obverse: Baseball pitcher in motion
Reverse: American Flag “Coat of Arms”

* 1992-S US Olympic Clad Half Dollar Proof
Obverse: Gymnast performing in front of American Flag
Reverse: Olive branch crossing Olympic Torch

This is a stock photo and may not be the exact set that you receive.

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